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'UN-FARE' move by Firefly

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Firefly, your community airline, announced today their "un-fare" move in the introduction and implementation of Firefly travel discount programme aptly tagged TOTALLY "UN-FARE", keeping up to its promise of providing incredible value with low fares.

Eddy Leong, Managing Director of Firefly said in a press conference today: "This is another added incredible value that we are now offering to all our customers. Firefly’s TOTALLY "UN-FARE" deals starts from as low as RM35 one way all inclusive." He explained that Firefly’s ticket pricing is based on a dual pricing structure on the off and high peak season. During the off peak season with proven low traveling trend, Firefly would be offering their lowest fares with discount offer of up to 80 percent or even ZERO fare. On the other hand, during the high peak season such as festive seasons, school and year end holidays, and when many people plan their holidays during this time with a reasonably high traveling trend, Firefly will still be offering attractive and value for money packages with the best deals in town. For this high peak period, Firefly’s promise is that they will not go beyond their normal fare structure, to encourage people to travel without burning a hole in their pocket.

"Un-fuel" surcharge
At the same event, Eddy Leong also announced yet another incredible value from Firefly that will lower their fares further in TOTALLY "UN-FARE" – the removal of fuel surcharge – "Un-fuel" surcharge. "The recent drop in oil prices, has allowed Firefly to remove our fuel surcharge. On top of this, Firefly’s new aircraft, the ATR72-500, has proved its efficiency in fuel usage. Its consumption of substantially less fuel helps Firefly in sustaining lower operating and maintenance cost. We are pleased with the result of our ATR and the reduction of fuel prices would further enable our passengers to travel affordably".

Firefly has completely “un-fuel” surcharge on all tickets to all of its destinations, domestically and internationally with effect from 16th December 2008.

Eddy Leong concluded "Firefly's introduction of Everyday Low Fares on top of our removal of fuel surcharge is also a reward to all our loyal passengers who have been supporting Firefly ever since its inauguration April last year. In addition, our incredible value with low fares will also help to bridge strong social and family ties especially for Malaysians by providing accessible opportunities to support domestic tourism. Firefly and Tourism Malaysia has been working hand-in-hand in the efforts of marketing local tourism. Being the community airline, it is our commitment to offer the lowest fares and provide an amazing 5-star value to our customers. For a long time, traveling by road and rail seems to be the only mode of affordable travel for the public masses. Today this is no longer the case. In fact, Firefly has now made it much more economical to fly."

This initiative acknowledges the current economic situation and the need to provide more affordable and transparent air fares for business and leisure travelers. The benefits shared with passengers will make traveling within one’s mean in today’s economical downturn.

With the recent announcement in World Travel Mart in London last month, Firefly would serve the long haul stopover travelers, by providing air transportation within Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. With an estimated of 20 million tourist arrivals to the country next year, Firefly is dedicated in encouraging travelers from all around the world to extend their holidays to all Firefly’s destinations.

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