Travel Advisory:
  1. All Firefly passengers are required to wear face mask in airports/on board flights.

  2. For passengers flying within Malaysia, no other document required other than IC for Malaysian and passport for foreigners.

  3. For passenger flying from Subang Airport to Seletar airport, please click link:

  4. For passenger flying to Subang Airport from Seletar Airport, please click link:


Reporting Email Scams

26 June 2013

The Firefly management would like to notify that there is an e-mail scam that is being randomly spread by stating its affiliations to Firefly. Further to our investigation, the e-mail subject title is 'Bonus' wherein it announces cash reward to lucky winners of 'Firefly's Big Apple Birthday Promotion Program'.

Please be informed that Firefly is NOT allied to this scam, or any other ones that claims cash and lottery pay-outs. All relevant messages or news on Firefly will only be via its authorised channels which are the website(, official Facebook page (, and e-mail (

Kindly be aware and alert your family and friends on this matter. Should you be one of the recipients of a similar e-mail and unsure of its origins, you are advised to dutifully report the incident to us at Firefly will not bear any repercussion that arises following this matter. Rest assured, the management has brought this issue up to the authorities concern and will closely monitor the situation.

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