Promoting Domestic Tourism with “Firefly Passport”; Unlimited Flights and Freedom to Travel

25 AUGUST 2020 – Firefly is excited to introduce our latest air travel product “Firefly Passport”, unlimited travel pass to fly to any domestic destinations in Peninsular Malaysia.

Firefly Passport is a great value for money option for Malaysians to fly as many times as they wish to various destinations; either to balik kampung, explore Malaysia, go on an adventure, have a leisurely vacation with family and friends or simply to find a cost savvy option for frequent business trips.

Two options are available, 3 months pass at an unbeatable price of RM399, or only RM699 to enjoy 6 months of unlimited flights. Firefly Passport is on sale from 24 – 30 August 2020, so there’s a very short window to grab this fantastic deal.

Currently the interest and desire to travel amongst Malaysians are quite high, but most are looking for the right deal for domestic holidays. Ideally, Firefly Passport is an affordable travel solution that give people the freedom and time to plan their travel, thus allowing them to discover the hidden gems of Malaysia, explore unique destinations and local treasures, as well as reconnect with family, friends and business partners. Potentially, this could boost domestic tourism further and contribute towards the recovery of the economy.

Firefly Passport can be purchased via our website:

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