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  2. For passengers flying within Malaysia, no other document required other than IC for Malaysian and passport for foreigners.

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Hot and New - Firefly wins passengers’ hearts through their stomach

29 Apr 2011

SUBANG – Firefly, Your Community Airline, has again stepped up its game by introducing a new set of menu on-board its Boeing 737 flights, with distinctive yet classic twist of authentic Asian influence. In a statement issued today, passengers will be able to enjoy the additional options of hot meals from now, in all of its jet operation flights while simultaneously experiencing quality-travelling from an award-winning airport with aerobridge facility, at guaranteed lowest fare and savings on bundled sets of services.

“The newly revised menu offers an array of fresh, modern, and traditional tastes featuring healthy and high quality ingredients. These simple yet complete dishes will offer our customers more of what they want and pay for. We wanted everything on this new menu to reflect our positioning as a community focused airline, considering customer’s feedback on preference and variety of options to choose from. We hope that this will create a pleasant and exceptional in-flight experience for all of our passengers, both local and abroad,” said Firefly’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Ms.Angelina Fernandez.

The new menu options include mouth-watering asam-pedas (sour-spicy) fish with steamed rice, aromatic chickensambal (chilly gravy) with lemon-grass rice, flavorful vegetable Briyani, exclusively for vegetarians when pre-booked and tangy sweet-sour fish with fried egg noodles catered for noodle lovers!

Not to be missed are also all of the other existing items on the initial menu such as its most- popular rich nasi lemak with chicken rendang (cooked with coconut milk, local spices and herbs), Malay fried rice with chicken satay (barbequed meat on skewers) plus other hot meals. Also available on-board are special kids-meals, recommended quick bites, cold and hot beverages, and refreshing snacks.

“We understand the importance of in-flight meals to the overall travel experience, hence ensure our continuous efforts in improving our initiatives from this aspect. In view of this, we invite new and existing passengers to become a Firefly Facebook fan to convey their feedback, as some of the new menu items were lead on from our Facebook fans. We trust that it is an encouraging medium to stay connected to our customers whereby their views certainly will help Firefly in reaching greater heights, especially in the customer service level,” she added.

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