Get to know our fleet

Get to know our fleet

Highly-efficient ATR 72-500

The aircraft design is inspired from a high-wing, twin turboprop aircraft optimised from the start for efficiency, operating flexibility and passenger comfort.

The operational weights comply with the new regulations increasing the standard passenger weight and provide the ATR 72-500 with a maximum range of 890 Nm or an out and return trip of 420 Nm (without refuelling) on a full passenger load.

The ATR 72 secondary structures are extensively made of corrosion-resistant composite material, and it uses carbon fibre for its outer wings and a composite tail, thus reducing weight further. A lighter aircraft translates to lower fuel costs, which is also better for the environment.

Reliable Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 family of aircraft has a reputation for being economical and reliable; traits that help airlines keep costs down and pass the savings on to passengers. A popular option among well-known airlines in Europe, the United States of America and Asia, the single-aisle narrow body aircraft can seat up to 189 passengers comfortably depending on the aircraft configuration.

Although the B737s offer all passengers sufficient legroom and ample overhead cabin space, there are selected seats with more legroom and seats that let you disembark faster. To ensure you get to enjoy these Preferred seats, passengers have the option of reserving them when they book their tickets online or purchase their tickets at a sales office for a fee.To save more, opt for a Standard or Premium set of services that include Preferred seat selection.

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