Travel Advisory:
1. All Firefly passengers SHALL BE REQUIRED to wear face mask in airports and on board flights effective from 23rd April 2020.
2. For more travel information, please click this link to MKN (Majlis Keselamatan Negara) website :

Clause 4

Clause 4


4.1 General: Fares apply only to carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination unless we say otherwise. Fares do not include ground transport services between airports and between airports and town terminals.

4.2 Infants: Infant(s) whose age on the date of travel is below two (2) years but above eight (8) days old shall be subject to the prevailing fees as provided for in the Fees Schedule. An infant may travel provided he sits on an adult’s lap. Only one (1) infant is allowed per adult. We do not allow baby seats, carriers or strollers on board the aircraft and the same must be stowed in the aircraft hold during flight.

4.3 Government Taxes, Charges and Insurance Surcharge: Any taxes, charges or insurance surcharge imposed on air travel by the Government, relevant authority or the airport operator (in whichever country or locality) in respect of Passenger’s use of any of our services or facilities will be in addition to our fares, administration fees and charges and shall be borne by Passenger, unless otherwise specifically stated by us or set out in our Conditions of Contract. The aforementioned taxes, charges and insurance surcharge imposed on air travel may change from time to time and can be imposed even after the confirmation of Passenger’s booking and shall still be borne by Passenger as and when they fall due prior to departure.
Please refer to our Fees Schedule for the prevailing amount payable.

4.4 Currency: Fares and charges are payable in the currency prescribed with our published fares unless otherwise specifically stated by us.

4.5 Accuracy: All of our fares and charges, flight schedules and routes published are correct at the time of its publication. We reserve the right to revise any fares (including the Conditions of Contract) and flight schedules at any time and from time to time at our discretion and without first notifying you.

4.6 Applicable Fares: Applicable fares are those published by us or on our behalf, whether electronically or by any other medium. Fares may exclude administration fees, service charges and other charges unless otherwise specifically stated by us.

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