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Article 3

Article 3


3.1 Cargo Acceptable: Carrier undertakes to transport, subject to the availability of suitable equipment and capacity, all shipments, unless otherwise excluded by Carrier's regulations and provided:
3.1.1 the transportation, or the exportation or importation thereof is not prohibited by the laws or regulations of any country to be flown from, to or over;
3.1.2 they are packed, labeled and described in a manner ready for carriage as required by the issuing Carrier and any subsequent Carrier;
3.1.3 they are accompanied by the requisite shipping documents;
3.1.4 they are not likely to endanger aircraft, persons or property, or cause annoyance to passengers;
3.1.5 to the extent permitted by law the Carrier reserves the right without assuming any liability to refuse carriage of cargo when circumstances so require.

3.2 Valuation Limit of Shipment: Carrier may refuse carriage of shipments having a declared value for carriage in excess of the amount specified in Carrier's regulations.

3.3 Packing and Marking of Cargo:
3.3.1 Shipper is responsible for ensuring that the cargo is packed in an appropriate way for air carriage so as to ensure that:

  1. it can be carried safely with ordinary care in handling;
  2. it can be protected from all weather conditions to which it may be exposed, including but not limited to rain, wind, heat and cold;
  3. it does not injure or damage any persons, animals, goods or property. Each package shall be legibly and durably marked so as to identify the Shipper and Consignee.

3.3.2 Packages containing valuables as defined in Carrier's regulations must be sealed if so requested by Carrier.
3.3.3 The Carrier is under no obligation to note or be aware of any information contained on the house air waybills used in respect of consolidated or pre-packed shipments.
3.3.4 The Carrier reserves the right to refuse the transportation of cargo that is not suitably packed or marked.


3.4 Special Cargo: Special cargo, including but not limited to valuables, dangerous goods, live animals, perishables, fragile goods, human remains, is acceptable only under the conditions set forth in Carrier's regulations applicable to the carriage of such cargo. Such cargo must be packed and documented strictly in accordance with Carrier's special handling procedures which are incorporated and form part of these Conditions. In the event of deterioration of such shipments for whatever reason Carrier in its sole discretion may take such steps as it deems appropriate.

3.5 Dangerous Goods: The carrier will not accept for carriage any goods which is classified as dangerous goods under internationally accepted regulations. The Shipper shall not tender for carriage any volatile or explosive cargo or cargo which is or may become dangerous, inflammable or offensive or which is or may become liable to damage any property whatsoever without presenting a full description disclosing the nature of the cargo, and in any event the Shipper shall be liable for any loss and damage caused thereby. If in the sole opinion of Carrier the cargo becomes or is liable to become dangerous, inflammable, explosive, volatile, offensive or damaging in nature, the same may at any time be retained, destroyed, disposed of or abandoned or rendered harmless by Carrier without compensation to the Shipper and without prejudice to Carrier's right to any charges hereunder and at the sole cost of the Shipper.

3.6 Responsibility for Non-Observance of Conditions, Laws and Regulations: The Shipper warrants that he has complied with all the laws, regulations and conditions relating to the nature, packaging, labeling, storage or carriage of cargo and that the cargo is packed in a manner adequate to withstand the ordinary risks of carriage having regard to its nature, and further the Shipper hereby indemnifies Carrier for any liability whatsoever and costs, fees and expenses as a result of or arising out of the Shipper's failure to comply with each of these warranties, including but not limited to compliance with the applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations.

3.7 Carrier's Right of Inspection: Carrier reserves the right to examine the packaging and contents of all shipments and to enquire into the correctness or sufficiency of information or documents tendered in respect of any shipment but Carrier shall be under no obligation to do so and under no circumstances will Carrier be liable for any direct or indirect losses resulting from its examination of the packaging and shipments.

3.8 Unit Load Devices: When Shipper undertakes to load a Unit Load Device (ULD) he must comply with Carrier's loading instructions and shall be liable for and indemnify Carrier against all consequences of any non-compliance with such instructions.

3.9 Pre-packed and Mixed Pre-packed Shipments: The Shipper warrants that it will provide the Carrier with such contemporaneous information that it reasonably requires at the time of booking and acceptance of the number of pieces and weight of packages that have been pre-packed. The Shipper accepts that the Carrier will not have had the opportunity to examine the contents of any pre-packed shipment and hereby indemnifies the Carrier for any liability whatsoever and costs, fees and expenses as a result of or arising out of the Shipper's failure to comply with this warranty.

Version 1 (March 2012)

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