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  1. All Firefly passengers are required to wear face mask in airports/on board flights.

  2. For passengers flying within Malaysia, no other document required other than IC for Malaysian and passport for foreigners.

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Firefly will take delivery of two new jet ahead of schedule

14 Jun 2011

SUBANG - Firefly, Your Community Airline, will take delivery of two jet aircraft ahead of schedule this year, thus allowing it to further improve connectivity and flight timings domestically and regionally.

Firefly’s managing director, Dato’ Eddy Leong, said: “Initially, delivery of the two jet were targeted at year-end. However, we will take delivery of our sixth Boeing 737-800 and our second Boeing 737-400 this month. This would bring our fleet size of jet to eight.

“Now that two aircraft have been confirmed delivery ahead of time, we will focus on improving flight timings and connectivity on existing routes and look at developing new ones. Of the two jets, the Boeing 737-800 will be stationed in Firefly’s Central hub in Kuala Lumpur and the Boeing 737-400 will be stationed in Johor Bahru.

New routes that are already open for sale using jet aircraft includes twice daily flights from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu, commencing June 16; Twice daily flights between Kuala Lumpur and Sibu from July 1; twice daily flights from Kuala Lumpur and Sandakan from August 1; Four weekly flights to Surabaya commencing August 14 and three weekly flights to Bandung from August 16.

These are in addition to existing routes which include six daily flights between Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu; Seven daily flights between Kuala Lumpur and Kuching and twice daily flights between Johor Bahru and Kuching.

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