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Firefly will continue flying to present destinations

Wednesday December 17, 2008

PETALING JAYA: Firefly will continue to service the Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand markets despite the current global market slowdown, says FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd managing director Eddy Leong.

“So far, we have not been affected by the slowdown. We will proceed with our strategy to cater only to these countries for the moment as demand is still high,” he told a press conference to announce the Firefly Totally Un-Fare travel discount programme yesterday.

Firefly’s destinations were still lucrative as it was catering to people who wanted to fly to nearby places for holiday, meeting relatives or for university students, Leong said.

He said travelling by road and rail had been the only mode of affordable travel for the public masses for a long time. But now, it was no longer the case as Firefly had made it much more economical to fly.

“With affordable ticket prices, we are pushing for more domestic travel too as Malaysia has a lot of interesting places to go for holiday. This is part of our effort with Tourism Malaysia to boost local tourism,” he said.

At the recent announcement in the World Travel Mart in London, Firefly said it would serve the long-haul stopover travellers to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

With an estimated 20 million tourist arrivals to the country next year, the airline was dedicated to encourage travellers from around the world to extend their holidays to Firefly’s destinations, he said.

Currently, Firefly has five European-made ATR72-500s aircraft, flying from Subang and Penang.

Another five new planes will be added next year in its business expansion plan to include new destinations in Singapore, Sumatra and Thailand.

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