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  1. All Firefly passengers are required to wear face mask in airports/on board flights.

Firefly Raises Free Baggage Allowance to 20 kg

Kuala Lumpur, April 23 – From 25th April 08, Firefly will increase its baggage allowance for checked baggage from 15kg to 20kg. Passengers on Firefly’s domestic and regional flights will now have the convenience of traveling with up to 20kg of checked baggage on free-of-charge basis.

The product enhancement was made following feedbacks from our repeat customers requesting for additional baggage allowance mainly stemming from current restrictions imposed on hand-carry items on grounds of safety and security. Sharp objects and liquid items such as medications, contact lens solution and toiletries are now required to be checked-in therefore adding to the need for extra weight allowance for checked baggage.

The decision to allow up to 20 kg is also to streamline product offering in line with other full service carriers ahead of Firefly’s plan to code share and interline with Malaysia Airlines.

In tandem with this product enhancement, Firefly is increasing its fuel surcharge by RM5.00 for domestic flights and RM8.00 for international flights for ticket bookings made from 25th April onwards. This is partly to help manage the current hike in oil price, which has shown a sharp increase of 75% from the same time last year when Firefly commenced operations.

Firefly will continue to honour its objective to keep our fares low to provide opportunities for people to fly, as was emphasized by Firefly’s Managing Director, Eddy Leong.

“To counter this phenomenon of rising fuel price, Firefly will make sure that its tickets are among the lowest in the market. Public can look forward to many more promotions from Firefly such as the current RM 1 to all destinations,” Eddy adds on.

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