Firefly in Johor Bahru Today - Live Entertainment at Senai Airport

Senai Airport Johor Bahru, SUNDAY 26 October 2008,– Firefly, your community airline and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines launched its new route from Subang to Johor Bahru onboard its new aircraft ATR72-500 today at 6.55 am. Onboard the flight from Subang was local sensation singing group the Fabulous Cats, who were invited as guest artistes to launch the event.

Soon after arrival on its maiden flight, the Fabulous Cats broke into a mini concert at the airport arrival hall, marking the first commercial flight by Firefly to its new hub in the southern peninsular.

The singing group of R&B and rap influence entertained the crowd with their hits Bawaku Terbang, Ola Ole and Lepas, sung along by adoring fans. The burst of melody in the normally monotonous atmosphere generated much interest at Senai airport. The performance was followed by a short break and a meet-and-greet session with fans later on in the day.

Prior to this, Firefly operates out of its northern hub in Penang and central hub in Subang. The addition of its new hub adds extra convenience to Firefly’s network plan in covering peninsular Malaysia into Thailand and Sumatera. Firefly now flies from Subang into Johor Bahru twice daily at 6.55 am and 5.15 pm.

“Johor Bahru is a gem to us, just as Penang and Subang is. This new point as our hub completes the triangle in terms of our network. Now we are able to connect Malaysia to Sumatera and Thailand via Johor Bahru. This is in line with the IMT-GT agenda that we have been preaching about from the start,” said Eddy Leong, Firefly’s MD in his press statement.

He added that Firefly is also working on adding other practical routes like Johor Bahru to Jakarta and other parts of Sumatera, and even Johor Bahru to certain destinations in Thailand. There’s also plans to provide direct flights into Singapore from its Penang and Subang hub.

In a press conference that followed, Lau Yin May, Head of Firefly Holidays stated, “Firefly is a full fledged IMT carrier. Our network expansion is focused on Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand only. In fact by the first quarter of 2009, we will be introducing new destinations in this growth triangle”. She urged passengers to utilize low fare travelling with Firefly and enjoy its complimentary premium services and take full advantage of our on-going promotion. Tickets can be purchased online at your convenience at www.fireflyz.com or call +6037845 4543 or via your local travel agent.

Firefly operates directly from Subang and Penang airports. Their new aircraft is all about COMFORT. It provides a generous 20kg baggage allowance with NO additional charges. Operating with smaller aircraft means less congestion at check-ins and baggage collection thus enhancing customer convenience satisfaction and flying experience with jet-like comfort. This convenience also includes designated allocated seating for all passengers. And to cap it all is its variety of complimentary refreshment and light snack on board. All these values for LOW FARES.

By August next year, Firefly would operate with a total of 10 ATR72-500 serving both domestic and regional routes, including network expansion into Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. With such modern and advanced aircraft, Firefly is keen to start its services to other Sumatran provinces such as Jambi, Padang, Bengkulu and Pangkal Pinang, as well as Pulau Batam, and Thailand by next year using three hubs – Subang, Penang, Johor Baru. Firefly commenced its inaugural flights from Subang to Koh Samui and Johor Baru on the 26th October 2008.

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