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Fareeda Unveils Special Livery On Firefly’s ATR 72-600

20 June 2014

Subang - Firefly Airlines and FAREEDA, Malaysia's number 1 exclusive scarves brand, today unveiled a new generation of ATR 72-600 aircraft adorned in the striking colours of FAREEDA. The livery features a purple and blue colour background with FAREEDA's models adorned in their signature designs.

The ATR 72-600 aircraft with FAREEDA's strikingly radiant livery was unveiled for the first time during a special ceremony at Skypark Terminal Subang, and graced by Mr. Aminuddin Basiron, Managing Director of Fareeda Global Resources Sdn. Bhd. He was taken on a tour of the aircraft by Firefly's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ignatius Ong.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Ignatius Ong, Chief Executive Officer of Firefly expressed his pleasure at being the airline to bear the FAREEDA livery. "This aircraft livery project was materialized to essentially showcase to the mass public our initiative to partner with home-grown Malaysian companies in a more effective and innovative approach.

Firefly being a 100% Malaysian company supports wholeheartedly other relevant locally bred corporations to meet their commercial and operational goals. FAREEDA and Firefly are dynamic and innovative Malaysian companies and this new livery will really make us stand out from the crowd, both in the sky and on the ground at airports all over South East Asia."

"Despite the most challenging economic conditions that we have encountered, this is just one of many design projects that Firefly has invested in. We have been working behind the scenes with FAREEDA's team to develop this livery and we are looking to add new designs for the upcoming fleet of ATR 72-600 due to come into service this year".

Mr. Aminuddin Basiron, Managing Director, FAREEDA Global Resources Sdn. Bhd. commented:

"FAREEDA is a brand name or trade mark (TM) of the num. 1 exclusive scarf in Malaysia and we believe that by choosing an aircraft livery as an advertisement medium will make us the trendsetter of the hijab/fashion industry in Malaysia. FAREEDA is a 100% Malaysia brand and product, and every design of FAREEDA scarves are registered under the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) ) and protected by the Copyright Act of 1987." "The collaboration between FAREEDA and Firefly is a wonderful eye-catching way to showcase our brand and Malaysian products throughout Malaysia, including Singapore and Thailand. Together, FAREEDA flies high with Firefly."

Firefly strives to facilitate Malaysia's travel industry by providing efficient and reliable products and services. Firefly marked a significant milestone as being awarded with the bronze medal for the Transportation, Travel and Tourism category by Putra Brand Awards in April this year.

Earlier this month, the airline recently launched two new routes to its network. Firefly will fly from Penang to Krabi three times weekly at RM 159 starting 16 September this year and from Johor to Ipoh four times weekly at RM 59 starting 15 September this year.

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