Travel Advisory:
  1. All Firefly passengers are required to wear face mask in airports/on board flights.

  2. For passengers flying within Malaysia, no other document required other than IC for Malaysian and passport for foreigners.

  3. For passenger flying from Subang Airport to Seletar airport, please click link:

  4. For passenger flying to Subang Airport from Seletar Airport, please click link:

FY e-wallet

FY e-wallet

Life is easy with FY e-wallet.
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With FY e-wallet, you can now experience purchasing our tickets quicker and easier – leading to a greater sense of satisfaction. Rest assured, your money will be safe and secured with us. Here's the good news! Get your money's worth as we give you more when you spend more with us. The following would be the Category of purchase that you are allowed and the Bonus that you would receive from Firefly:

RM 1,000 (GOLDEN WALLET)* RM 250 RM 1,250
RM 3,000 RM 750 RM 3,750
RM 5,500 RM 1,375 RM 6,875
RM 10,000 RM 2,500 RM 12,500

* GOLDEN WALLET category is only applicable for individuals above the age of 50

FY e-wallet allows you to enjoy any of these products and services when you book your flights online with us.

We are proud to say that we are the first and the only airline, as of this time, to offer such a service! Need to know more?
Click here for FAQ.
FY e-wallet's Terms and Conditions

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