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Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu


Gaya Street Market

Souvenirs, handicrafts, live animals, chicken pieces, potatoes and coconuts. You will find all the ingredients for a "Malaysian curry" and more. This is the most interesting market in town with its bustling crowded stalls and lanes. Get there early for beautiful photos in the morning light. Don't forget to haggle the price.

Filipino Market

The market next to the Centre Point Shopping Complex on Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens. Most of the stalls are run by Filipino immigrants. Lots of Filipino and local handicrafts are sold in the hundreds of cramped stalls and alleyways which are strung by low-slung curtains of shells, baskets and bags.

Suria Sabah Mall

Known for carrying all major brands like Levi's, Esprit, Mango, Thomas Sabo and Swatch just to name a few, Suria Sabah Mall is the most popular mall in KK.

Kampung Air

For small souvenirs and budget buys, try the regular night market in Kampung Air, and be prepared to haggle! This flea market is a perfect place to shop if you are looking for souvenirs and bargains. Conveniently located just a stroll from the Centre Point Shopping Mall.

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