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Food & Beverages

What a fantastic taste that you can find it here!! Having your meals with warm beaches, gentle breeze, clear waters and magnificent seafood. As an island surround by azure blue seas that hold a rich variety of marine life, it’s no wonder that Langkawi has a buffet spread of culinary delights from the sea. The popular eating destinations are Kuah Town, Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah and Pantai Kok (the last three are beaches) but you can find eateries all over the island that will satisfy your palette. And just as Langkawi’s visitors are diverse in cultures, you’ll find the food on the island carry influences from around the world; there’s shrimp on the barbie to burgers and bratwurst to seafood platters. Plenty of up market hotels stock contemporary international cuisine and you’ll find the resorts to be excellent dining places for local food as well. But for that rustic feeling, it can’t get better than eating out among the natives at their regular hideouts.

Kuah Town

Kuah town offers everything from fast food to fine dining. You can decide if you’d like to eat in a restaurant, coffee shop, fast food or hotel outlet, indoors or out.

Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang, the island’s liveliest beach, has some colourful dining outlets serving all kinds of food. A popular place for good Chinese and western food at reasonable cost is the Hot Wok Cafe. For Malay and western fare, try the Restoran Pantai at the northern end, a pricier establishment but with fine ambience. In between, there are The Backofen, a German restaurant, and The Champor-Champor, a garden restaurant serving western and Asian cuisine.

Pantai Tengah

Pantai Tengah can be regarded as the more popular destinations in Langkawi. As such, there is no lack of eateries there from the backpacker to the food connoisseur. Starting from simple local places till more sophisticated restaurants. At the adjacent Pantai Tengah, some decently priced eateries can be found. Such of the restaurant are at Charlie Motel (Thai/Malaysian food), Hoyas Cafe (pastries and good breakfast meals) and White Sand Seafood Restaurant (Chinese style).

Pantai Kok

Many of the eating-places here cater mostly to the up market crowd, placing a lot of emphasis on elegance and atmosphere as well as fine dining. Pantai Kok does not have as many simple restaurants as Pantai Cenang and Kuah town but then again, you might be able to come across a gem or two.

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