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Continuity of Senior Management at Malaysia Airlines’ Short-haul Operations

23 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011, Subang: Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya today announced the appointment of Ignatius Ong Ming Choy as Chief Operating Officer of its Short Haul Operations effective 10 December 2011, taking over from Dato’ Eddy Leong Chin Tung.

Dato’ Eddy Leong will remain in Malaysia Airlines Group until 31 December 2011, working with Ahmad Jauhari for seamless business continuity by ensuring a smooth handover to Ignatius Ong.

Dato’ Eddy will then join Destination Resorts and Hotels (DRH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad incorporated as an investment holding company for the hotels and resorts industry, as the Chief Operating Officer.

Commenting on this development Ahmad Jauhari said, “On behalf of Malaysia Airlines, I congratulate Dato’ Eddy on his new appointment as COO at DRH where I was its Chairman before joining Malaysia Airlines. Given his experience in both hotels and airline management, I am certain he will bring great value to Khazanah and will continue to work closely with the Board and Management team in Malaysia Airlines. I also welcome Ignatius Ong on board Firefly to take it to further heights as Malaysia’s truly community airline”.

A chartered accountant by training, Dato’ Eddy joined Malaysia Airlines in June 2003 as Manager, Project Management Department. He then served in key positions such as Project Director MAS Hotels & Boutiques that was part of the Four Seasons Langkawi development project, Head Project Management and Assistant General Manager for Airport & Inflight Operations (Quality Assurance) and Assistant General Manager, Turnaround Management Office (TMO) before being appointed in 2007 as the first Managing Director of Firefly.

Subsequent to the Group’s restructuring effective 30 September 2011, Dato’ Eddy was made Chief Operating Officer, Short Haul Operations.

As the first Managing Director of Firefly that commenced operations on 3 April 2007, Dato’ Eddy played a significant leadership role in galvanizing the team to work hard to build the Firefly brand that began operating with two Fokker 50 aircraft and evolved into a highly successful and profitable airline business currently operating a fleet of twelve ATR72-500 aircraft.

Dato’ Eddy said, “It was a very enriching experience to work with a team that was highly dedicated and instrumental for the commendable growth of Firefly out of Penang and Subang. Firefly now offers a niche product as a community airline, providing point-to-point connectivity for 18 destinations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It is very satisfying to know that Firefly has earned a steady customer following among the business community and garnered awards/accolades.”

Dato’ Eddy’s successor, Ignatius Ong, joined Malaysia Airlines in May 2004 as Manager Project Management Department. He later served as Manager in the Programme Management Office and Assistant General Manager in the Revenue Management Department before assuming his current appointment as Regional Senior Vice President Australia, New Zealand & South West Pacific.

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