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2. All Firefly passengers SHALL BE REQUIRED to wear face mask in airports and on board flights effective from 23rd April 2020.
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Complimentary In-flight Refreshments onboard Firefly

Thursday 16 October 2008 – Firefly, your community airline and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines recently launched its complimentary in-flight refreshments service with guest host singer/songwriter Nurul here in Subang.

The complimentary in-flight refreshment is a new and permanent feature on all Firefly flights effective 1st October 2008, another added value of its premium services.

Introducing the new feature of the Firefly flying experience was Malaysia’s very own local talent Noorulhuda, who shared a visual story of her Firefly experience from time of departure from her hometown Penang airport, to her arrival in Subang’s Terminal 3, highlighting Firefly premium services all the way.

Her excitement built up as she introduced the complimentary refreshments that were served onboard. “The juice was cold and fresh, and the cupcake was delicious. It’s almost as though I was taking a MAS flight. Kudos to Firefly for introducing complimentary refreshments and snacks. It’s truly a pleasant experience having the complimentary refreshments served for me onboard,” said Nurul.

Firefly previously had a variety of light snacks and drinks for sale onboard its aircraft when the three Fokker 50 was still in use. Now with the ATRs slowly taking over their fleet, Firefly feels the time is right to introduce the new feature as one of their value added premium services.

The refreshments come in a variety of different flavors and items at a rotation of every two weeks depending on time of flight as well. For flights below 45 minutes, passengers are served juices/hot beverage. For flights above 45 minutes, juices/hot beverages are served with the option of cupcakes/light snacks on request.

Firefly Head of Communications and Marketing, Angelina Fernandez spoke of the Firefly customer value preposition,“We are who we preach we are and that is an airline with ‘incredible value with low fares’. Firefly is almost like a full service carrier in terms of its premium services, which are convenient hubs, hassle free check-in with no long queues, 20 kg baggage allowance with no charge, allocated seating and now, complimentary in-flight refreshments.

“On top of that, one can still enjoy the luxury at low fares”. She reiterated that Firefly is NOT a low cost carrier/ frills free airline.

Firefly currently operates from Penang and Subang airport. Come 26 October, Firefly will fly from Subang to Johor Bahru, Koh Samui (Thailand) and Pekan Baru (Indonesia). From Penang, Firefly will fly to Medan and Banda Acheh.

“Our focus is to cross-promote Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand that can and will contribute positively to economical growth. The challenge posed by IMT-GT can be overcome with Firefly serving this region,” highlighted Angelina.

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