AMY SEARCH opens SLASH (of Guns N' Roses) CONCERT in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur - Tuesday 6 July 2010 - Firefly, Your Community Airline, announced today Malaysia rock star legend "Amy Search" as the opening act of Slash Live in Kuala Lumpur 2010 Concert to be held at the Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon Theme Park on 5 August 2010.

"It's indeed a privilege for us to have Amy Search, our very own legendary rock star as the opening act of Slash concert. Amy's fans transcends on the older generations from the 70's as well as the younger ones. We want to ensure that all concert goers get a "rocking" good time," said Ms Angelina Fernandez, Head of Marketing & Communications.

Angelina added that our showcase of Amy is to promote quality entertainment in Malaysia. Having two rock legends perform live in Kuala Lumpur will surely take the highlight.

Fans will be able to see Amy performing his famous and earliest tracks "Isabella", "Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur" and "Fenomena".

Angelina urged fans to take advantage of the incredible value, pay for one live concert and get two live performances both of whom are legends. Amy will be giving us a good 40 minutes opening act and "Slash" will perform for 1 and a half hour.

Doors will open to fans from as early as 6.00pm. Concert will start at 7.00pm with a flavor from our young local talent with details as per below:

Tickets for the concert are available online at www.fatdeal.com.my or call the official ticketing agent Fatdeal at 03-7862 2000. Tickets are also available at all Firefly Airport Ticketing Offices (ATO) and City Ticketing Offices (CTO).

Firefly Holiday "Slash live in Kuala Lumpur" packages

Angelina also highlighted, "Firefly Holiday has launched its special concert holiday packages regionally and domestically via its website. Packages cover both flights and ground or one of the other with the concert tickets given at almost NO cost. This is one of the many unique features and offers that Firefly Holiday as a travel portal has."

Enjoy the convenience and book your concert cum holiday packages online via Firefly Holiday website at www.fireflyholiday.com.

Slash Promotional Activities

Firefly also announced some of its planned activities for rock fans in collaboration with TV3 and Hot and Fly FM as the official TV and radio for "Slash Live in Kuala Lumpur 2010".

1)"Slash Look-A-Like" co-hosted by 8TV Quickie

Firefly will collaborate with 8TV Quickie to hold a "Slash Look-A-Like" contest.

"This contest will give the winning rock fans a chance to meet the legendary artiste and to watch the concert on 5 August. It is yet another "fun and vibrant" activity organized by Firefly in line with our tag line of "Your Community Airline" said Angelina.

This contest is open to all. The simple criteria for the contestants are as follows: Wear black shirt and pants; Leather jacket/pants; Rock star motives on clothes (e.g. Ed Hardy style); Similar Slash's sunglasses; Torn jeans/vest/jacket ; Sneakers; Curly hair; Top Hat (points for similar motive on hat); Guitar-additional; Rock star attitude; Air guitar act.

A catwalk on stage is required for the contestants, and this is followed by performing an air guitar act for two minutes with songs from Guns N' Roses. The top winner will be given a chance to meet their idol - Slash in person, attend his concert, and enjoy Firefly flights and its merchandises.

To participate, watch out for more information in our next 8TV Quickie programme or visit Firefly Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/firefly.

2. "Bintang Rock Hot FM" Search co-hosted by Hot FM

Firefly in collaboration with Hot FM will hold what might be the most exciting audition in Malaysia! In line with the tagline "Lebih Hangat Daripada Biasa" and "Your Community Airline", both companies are in search for an amazing Malaysian young band to be one of the opening acts for guitar legend, Slash's live concert in Kuala Lumpur this coming August. The winner of the "Bintang Rock Hot FM" search will grab the winning prize of 15 minutes of fame to perform their songs in front of both rock legends' fans and other attractive Firefly prizes.

On 24th July, Hot FM and Firefly urge talented local young bands to join this once in a lifetime audition. In line with Hot FM's segment, Hot FM Kita Punya, this audition gives an opportunity for local bands to showcase their talent. Hot FM and Firefly strongly believe that this opportunity will prove that our musicians do have world class talent! This coveted spot will go to only one band, so musicians out there, bring on your A game as our panel of professional judges want to be wowed and impressed by YOU! (cheers from the crowd). Catch us on Hot FM and Fly FM radio or visit us at Firefly, Hot FM and Fly FM websites.

Chief Operating Officer of Media Prima Radio Networks, Mr Seelan Paul said, "We are honoured to be working for the first time with Firefly which is one of the most popular airline companies in the region. We are also delighted to be a partner in what promises to be one of the most anticipated and exciting musical extravaganza in the country. The idea of unearthing new world class local talents coincides with our philosophy of supporting home grown musicians, and we look forward to see more new local talents emerging from this audition. We also hope to break the stereotypical perception that Malaysian musicians are only fit for the local market as we believe that they are much better than that."

Angelina of Firefly added, "This is only the beginning of our commitment to showcase our Malaysian talents in such international event. We are very pleased with the support and spirit that Hot FM has in this project. We look forward to an exciting "show off" audition and opening act".

However to those non-musicians, you too can be a part of the mammoth concert, tune in to Hot FM starting 19 July because we will be giving out exclusive VIP passes to catch Slash Live In Kuala Lumpur 2010 on 5 August at the Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon!

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