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Airline all set for the future

Saturday December 6, 2008

FIREFLY is looking ahead to become the official airline for the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT).

Managing director Eddy Leong said that the network expansion into Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand was proceeding at full speed.

He said the company had already submitted a request and there would be a meeting to discuss the matter soon.

“As an official airline, we are also asking for more destinations in Sumatera.”

“However, there are only a few international airports, so we are asking for immigration facilities to be set up at more airports.”

“We also want them to be more lenient on traffic ride arrangements between cities in the IMT-GT region.”

“In early 2009, Medan can expect an exponential growth in visitors with the launch of Firefly’s code share with our parent company Malaysia Airlines.”

“We have 5 aircraft and are getting another five next year, so we are slowly progressing,” Leong said when greeting Firefly’s inaugural flight from Subang to Medan on Dec 1 at Polonia Airport.

He also said that they would be introducing many more new destinations in the growth triangle like Padang, Jambi, Palembang and Batam.

Selangor Tourism Action Council Chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal and his team from the Malaysia Tourism Office made their way to Medan via the first direct flight from Subang.

Subahan was welcomed by Leong as well as representatives from the North Sumatara Tourism Board in Medan, Malaysia Tourism Board, North Sumatra Chamber of Commerce and Medan governor Syamsul Arifin SE.

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