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Firefly opens scheduled charter link to Nanning

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Firefly opens scheduled charter link to Nanning

20 April 2012

SUBANG: Firefly’s inaugural flight to Nanning in Southern China commenced yesterday.

The twice weekly charter services will comprise direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Nanning every Sunday and flights from Kuala Lumpur to Nanning via Penang every Thursday.

Pic 1Passengers of Firefly’s inaugural scheduled-charter flight to Nanning.

These services are a collaboration between Firefly and Guangxi China International Travel Service utilizing Firefly’s B737-400 aircraft with a passenger capacity of 162 seats.

Guangxi China International Travel Service Charter Flight Co-ordinator, Eugene Lim, said this was the company’s second collaboration with Firefly for scheduled charter services to Nanning. The first collaboration was last year with seven schedule charter services mounted between 19 November and 31 December.

Lim said: “We like working with Firefly as they exhibit a high level of professionalism, provide a timely and reliable service and are fast to respond to changing market demands”.

Firefly’s CEO, Ignatius Ong, said: “Nanning is our first foray into China. We see demand for both leisure and business travel. We are also exploring the possibilities of flying to more cities in China using our B737 aircraft.”

Currently, Firefly is the only airline to provide direct link between Malaysia and Nanning. This direct connection saves time as previously, travellers would have to fly about six hours to get to Nanning via Guangzhou or Hong Kong.

Charter flight schedule

Kuala Lumpur – Penang – Nanning (Every Thursday)

Flight No Route Departure Arrival Flight Time
FY8350 Kuala Lumpur - Penang
Penang - Nanning
50 min
3 hrs 10 min
FY8351 Nanning - Penang
Penang - Kuala Lumpur
3 hrs 10 min
55 min

Kuala Lumpur – Nanning (Every Sunday)

Flight No Route Departure Arrival Flight Time
FY8352 Kuala Lumpur - Nanning 9.40am 1.25pm 3 hrs 45 min
FY8353 Nanning - Kuala Lumpur 2.25pm 5.55pm 3 hrs 30 min

Background on Firefly

Firefly, a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, began operations in April 2007. Currently, it operates a fleet of 12 ATR 72-500 turboprop out of Penang and Subang, connecting secondary destinations within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle as well as providing air linkages between Malaysia and Singapore.

Firefly provides incredible value as well as convenient flight timings and excellent service to its passengers. On the ATR 72-500, passengers are allowed 20kg check-in baggage allowance, provided complimentary in-flight refreshment, assigned seating and convenient city airports.

Firefly had also received numerous awards and recognition. The most recent was on November 15, 2011 when Firefly was conferred “Superbrand” status. In July 2011, Firefly’s Managing Director, Dato’ Eddy Leong had been honoured for his outstanding leadership qualities and was awarded the Global Leadership Awards for Community Airline Sector.

Awards received last year include the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Value Airline of the Year award and the Green Initiative of the Year award by Leaders in Aviation in conjunction with the Doha Aviation Summit. Firefly is also recognised as the Best Brand in Aviation for the Brand Laureate. Firefly connects with the world through Facebook and Twitter.