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Firefly Launches 'WOW' Bargains

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Firefly Launches 'WOW' Bargains

21 April 2009

Firefly rewards its MATTA Fair customers

Kuala Lumpur, 21 April 2009 - Firefly, Your Community Airline, celebrated their 3 days participation in MATTA Fair March 2009 with an event rewarding their customers. They also launched their latest campaign, "WOW Bargains" on promotional tickets and packages to Firefly's newly launched routes and destinations. The event that was held in their Subang office was graced by Malaysia's Deputy Tourism Minister, YB Dato' Sri Sulaiman Abd Rahman Abd Taib.

Firefly WOW bargains revealed the company's focus into making traveling more affordable and also their effort in boosting Malaysia tourism. Its Managing Director Eddy Leong in his speech said "These bargains will be promoted both locally and overseas to encourage both inbound and outbound travel. We will be offering promotional ticket fares and promotional holiday packages for both our new and existing routes and destinations. Firefly's promotional bargains are very affordable and more often than not, cheaper than conventional traveling." He also shared with the audience on how its additional flight into JB from Subang and the introduction of daily flights to Kerteh will add convenience for both business and leisure travellers. Firefly is also targeting Singapore tourists into Penang via its most unique connection from JB to Penang direct.

On its new destinations which will be launched on the 1st of May onwards, targets the inflow of inbound travel from our neighbouring countries to both local and international market. Firefly will be flying daily into Phuket beginning 1st May from Subang adding convenience for stopovers into Malaysia for visa runs and business purposes. Firefly is working hand in hand with Tourism Malaysia to ensure both foreigners and Thais explore and discover our country.

On 2nd of May, Batam will be receiving their first and only international airlines. This connection will be the only direct route of transport for Batamese into Kuala Lumpur and to other states of Malaysia both for leisure and business. Following this will be Padang on the 15th of May, offering the locals there another alternative airline into Kuala Lumpur but this time, direct into Kuala Lumpur's city airport. Both these destinations are expected to increase the inflow of travellers for leisure, medical, educational and business into our country.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Dato' Sri Sulaiman Abd Rahman Abd Taib applauded Firefly's effort in boosting Malaysia's tourism especially in the current economic condition. He expressed how important it is for airlines to offer affordable alternative traveling to both Malaysians.

Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Johor Bahru – Penang 19:40pm / 21:00pm FY 1056 Daily
Penang – Johor Bahru 18:00pm / 19:20pm FY 1057 Daily
Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Subang - Phuket 14:40pm / 15:10pm FY 3652 Daily
Phuket - Subang 15:30pm / 18:00pm FY 3653 Daily
Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Subang – Langkawi 14:20pm / 15:30pm FY 2050 Daily
Langkawi – Subang 15:50pm / 17:00pm FY 2051 Daily
FLIGHT SCHEDULE SUBANG – BATAM (starting 2 May 2009)
Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Subang – Batam 10:00am / 10:20am FY 3425 Day 2, 4, 6
Batam – Subang 10:40am / 13:00pm FY 3426 Day 2, 4, 6
Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Subang – Padang 10:30am / 11:00am FY 3435 Daily
Padang – Subang 11:20am / 13:50pm FY 3436 Daily
Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Johor Bahru - Subang 08:50am / 09:50am FY 2140 Daily
Johor Bahru - Subang 15:00pm / 16:00pm FY 2144 Daily
Johor Bahru - Subang 19:10am / 20:10am FY 2148 Daily
Subang – Johor Bahru 07:30am / 08:30am FY 2141 Daily
Subang – Johor Bahru 13:40pm / 14:40pm FY 2145 Daily
Subang – Johor Bahru 17:50pm / 18:50pm FY 2149 Daily
Flights FromDeparture / ArrivalFlight NoFrequency
Subang – Kota Bharu 07:40am / 08:45am FY 2040 Daily
Subang – Kota Bharu 10:30am / 11:45am FY 2064 Day 2, 4, 6
Subang – Kota Bharu 15:00pm / 16:05pm FY 2068 Daily
Subang – Kota Bharu 20:30pm / 21:35pm FY 2072 Daily
Kota Bharu - Subang 09:05am / 10:10am FY 2061 Daily
Kota Bharu - Subang 12:00pm / 13:05pm FY 2065 Day 2, 4, 6
Kota Bharu - Subang 16:25pm / 17:30pm FY 2069 Daily
Kota Bharu - Subang 21:55pm / 23:00pm FY 2073 Daily
Flight Fare
Destinations All-in-Fare
Subang-Penang; Subang-Langkawi; Subang-Kota Bharu; Subang-Kuala Terengganu; Subang-Alor Star; Subang-Kuantan; Subang-Johor Bahru; Penang-Langkawi; Penang-Johor Bahru
From RM35
one way
Subang-Phuket; Subang-Medan; Subang-Batam; Subang-Padang From RM88
one way
Penang-Phuket; Penang-Medan; Penang-Banda Aceh; Subang-Pekanbaru From RM99
one way
Subang-Koh Samui From RM199
one way
All-In Return Flights + Holiday packages
DestinationDurationName of packageAll-in-Price
Langkawi 3D2N Island Getaway @ Grand Continental Hotel Langkawi RM199 per pax
Subang 3D2N City & Shopping @ Hotel Capitol, KL RM199 per pax
Subang 3D2N Genting Highland Free & Easy Package RM229 per pax
Penang 3D2N Free & Easy @ Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel Penang RM249 per pax
Kuantan 3D2N Beach Vacation @ Impiana Cherating RM259 per pax
Batam 3D2N Batam Golf Package RM999 per pax
Phuket 3D2N Phuket Free & Easy Package @ Centara Karon Beach RM399 per pax
Koh Samui 3D2N Koh Samui Free & Easy Package @ Impiana Samui Resort & Spa RM599 per pax
Padang 3D2N Padang – Bukit Tinggi Tour Package RM499 per pax
Medan 4D3N Medan Bukit Lawang (Orang Utan) Package RM699 per pax
Pekanbaru 3D2N Pekanbaru City Tour Package RM699 per pax

Firefly BIG SPENDERS prize presentation ceremony

The event also saw Deputy Minister of Tourism, Dato' Sri Sulaiman Abd Rahman Abd Taib celebrating the winnings with Firefly's MATTA customers' in a prize presentation ceremony. The top valued MAS long haul tickets for two to New York went to TOP SPENDER Mr. Abdul Halik Razali for the purchase of flights and holiday packages to Langkawi worth RM19,645.00. The second BIG SPENDER with two return MAS tickets to Melbourne was presented to Mr. Wong Joon Kwan for his to purchase of RM15,480.40 to Koh Samui.

The grand prize giving away ceremony was also attended by Firefly daily lucky draw winners of MAS long haul tickets to various destinations such as Rome, London, New York, Canton, Shanghai, Brunei, Macau, Korea, Beijing worth over RM250,000.00 and the Wings Commanderz 2009 Top pilots. The lucky winners were:

Lucky Draw Lucky Purchaser Tickets Won
Day 1 Ms Seow Kian Ang Macau & Canton
Day 2 Ms Pang Yok Dai Beijing
Ms Chung Kei Wah Rome & Surabaya
Ms Lee Mei Ling Seoul

"It was certainly a different MATTA Fair altogether for us at Firefly. Our tickets and packages was certainly a BIG hit. All in all our sales doubled by more than two and a half times at Matta this year with a record breaking overall sales for that month. Matta is still our favourite fair and we will look at more ways to reward our customers" said Eddy Leong, Managing Director of Firefly.

Firefly also introduced its ‘Wing Commanderz 2009', a specially constructed ATR (Firefly's aircraft) mobile simulator in the travel fair, a major crowd pullet to Firefly's booth. The mock simulator which made its first appearance received more than 100 participants daily with a competition that saw 3 daily top pilots receiving Firefly tickets and the Top overall 3 pilots with return tickets to Koh Samui, Phuket and Los Angeles.

Dato' Sri Sulaiman was impressed to know that more than 50% of Firefly's sales at the Matta were to Langkawi and that Langkawi is still Firefly's top selling destination. "I sincerely look forward towards receiving more tourists into Malaysia and not forgetting to welcome our very own rakyat Malaysian tourists to explore and enjoy our homeland's beauty and culture," expressed the minister.

"Firefly's offerings are in line with the government's aspiration in the tourism industry. It serves a specialized niche market, meeting customer's travel needs in terms of destinations that were never previously available and most importantly offering affordable alternative transportation services and holiday packages. Its aim to seamlessly connect 32 domestic and 41 regional routes in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore will certainly contribute towards the growth of tourism in Malaysia," added Dato' Sri Sulaiman.