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As part of our continuous improvement initiative, you may now contact Firefly’s Call Centre from Singapore via +65-31588279. Kindly update the number in your contact information and we look forward to having the opportunities to serve you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a directive issued by the Thailand Airport Authority, Koh Samui International Airport has increased its Airport Tax from THB600 to THB700. The directive is for all passengers travelling on and after 1 Jun 2015 to Koh Samui.

In order to avoid inconvenience at the airport check-in counters, passengers have been asked to update their differential payment via Manage Booking or by calling 03-78454543.

Thank you.

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Firefly Launches Ticket Sale For Singapore-Alor Setar And Singapore-Kota Bharu

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Firefly Launches Ticket Sale For Singapore-Alor Setar And Singapore-Kota Bharu

Subang, 24 June 2009 - Firefly, Your Community Airline today announced the launch of our ticket sales for the Singapore - Alor Setar and Singapore - Kota Bharu routes at zero fare. Firefly is the only international airline to serve these destinations with direct flights from Singapore.

"Firefly is indeed very delighted to further extend our services to yet new destinations in Malaysia for Singaporeans. Alor Setar and Kota Bharu are easily accessible to Thailand by road. We are confident that Firefly's direct flights from Singapore to Alor Setar, and Singapore to Kota Bharu will contribute towards boosting the economy not just for Malaysia and Singapore but also for Thailand. For Malaysians living in the north of Peninsular Malaysia, Firefly will be an affordable and convenient mode of transportation into Singapore. Currently, almost 100% of Malaysians from Alor Setar and Kota Bharu who travel either for business or leisure to Singapore only travels via Penang or Kuala Lumpur, which is time consuming. This direct flight will give them the best alternative option to travel to Singapore either for business or leisure", said Angelina Fernandez, Head of Marketing & Communications at the Skypark Subang Terminal today.

She further reiterated that the influx of visitors into Singapore will now be expected to come not just from their Thailand destinations of Phuket and Koh Samui, as Firefly also connects Malaysia to Thailand, in line with the airlines' support of the IMT-GT agenda, but also from other parts of Southern Thailand which has no direct connectivity to Singapore.

"We will work closely with Tourism Boards of Malaysia and Singapore to use Firefly's direct connection to these new destinations," added Angelina.

Firefly will be making its first entrance into Kota Bharu skies from Singapore on the 25th of October departing Singapore Budget Terminal Changi at 1100 HRS arriving Kota Bharu at 1240 HRS at a frequency of four times weekly. Its maiden flight to Alor Setar from Singapore will be at 1100 HRS arriving Alor Setar at 1250 HRS at a frequency of three times weekly. These routes are very much targeted to both the business and leisure community offering point to point connection at incredible value with low fares.

"We are very thankful to the State Governments of Kelantan and Kedah for their support and co-operation into providing us accessibility to exploit the untapped and hidden treasures of tourist destinations in Kelantan and Kedah. There are well established resorts of international standards in both states and these routes will also offer opportunities to new eco tourism spots, and will also increase accessibility for tourists into other attractions that are located nearby," mentioned Angelina Fernandez, Head of Marketing and Communications of Firefly.

Origin/Destination Flight No Frequency (Days) Depart Arrive
* Singapore / Kota Bharu vv FY3586/FY3587 1 3 5 7 11:00/13:30 12:40/15:10
** Singapore / Alor Setar vv FY3594/FY3595  2 4 6  11:00/13:20 12:50/15:10

* Four times weekly
** Three times weekly

It also completes Firefly's promotion of ONE destination FOUR countries, pairing countries together to co-support tourism. Singapore is an important hub for Firefly to tap into as the target market will now expand to not only Singaporeans but also Malaysians working in Singapore, the expatriate community and transit passengers.

Passengers have the convenience of flying from a city airport, hassle free check in, free 20 kg baggage allowance for check-in baggage, assigned seating, and in-flight complimentary refreshment with snack at no additional cost.