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Firefly Launches New Routes for 2008

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Firefly Launches New Routes for 2008

Subang, 2 July 2008 - Firefly, Malaysia’s community airline, announces its’ new routes with the arrival of their first ATR 72-500 aircraft. The new routes are going to operate starting from 26 October this year, after the aircraft, the first of its kind to be introduced in Malaysia, due to arrive this coming August.

Malaysians can now look forward to flying from Subang to current destination such as Koh Samui, and to new destinations such as Pekanbaru, and Johor Bahru. Firefly adds on new routes from its northern hub in Penang to Medan and Banda Aceh. The new routes will have frequencies of, daily flights from Subang to Pekanbaru and Penang to Medan, four times weekly from Subang to Koh Samui and Penang to Banda Aceh, and twice daily from Subang to Johor Bahru.

In his statement, Managing Director of Firefly, Eddy Leong noted that the new routes are in line with the airline’s expansion plans and is in support of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT). “We are proud to be a part of the agenda in boosting the economy by promoting business and tourism between these three countries. For example, Pekanbaru is well known as the second richest city in Indonesia with a significant amount of oil and gas business travellers commuting to and from Kuala Lumpur” said Leong.

The new routes to Indonesia are also in response to market demand for people who travels to Penang for medical purposes as Penang has a record high of such traffic. In addition to that, these destinations are famous for tourist attractions for historical sites and nature. Due to high demand, Firefly is also introducing their first service from Subang to Koh Samui in Thailand catering to Klang Valley’s leisure market.

“These routes reemphasize on Firefly’s business model, which is serving unique and secondary routes with high demand. In addition to that, the ATR is ideal in operating these routes in terms of travelling distance and airports size,” quips the Managing Director.

To celebrate the launching of the new routes, Firefly is offering very special introductory fares starting from RM5 and tickets can be purchased via website at or via Call Centre at 03-7845 4543.