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Firefly introduces web check-in

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Firefly introduces web check-in

8 Sep 2011

Subang - Firefly had recently introduced web check-in facility for all domestic routes and flights between Malaysia and Singapore to provide added convenience to passengers.

This new facility will allow passengers to check-in from their home, office or from anywhere with an Internet connection and print out their boarding passes.

Firefly’s Head of Marketing & Communications, Angelina Corrina Fernandez, said: “It helps passengers save time at the airport by skipping the check-in queue at the counters. Those with check-in baggage will go straight to a special dedicated counter to drop off their baggage.

“Passengers travelling on domestic flights who do not have check-in baggage can go directly to the boarding gate with their boarding pass and MyKad or their passport for positive identification and then on to their flight. It is that convenient!

“Web check-in can be done as soon as passengers purchase their tickets up to an hour preceding the flight departure. An individual can also web check-in up to nine people at a time provided they are included in one booking.”

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