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Online Pre-paid Sports Equipment Handling

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Online Pre-paid Sports Equipment Handling

The Terms & Conditions for on-line pre-paid sports equipment handling

  1. Sport equipment consists of golf set & scuba equipment only;
  2. Sporting equipment is not part of the 20kg free check-in baggage allowance;
  3. Counter excess baggage rates apply for additional weight on golf set and scuba equipment ;
  4. Normal excess baggage rates apply to other types of sporting equipment;
  5. Non refundable if not utilised;
  6. Non transferable to another party;
  7. Non re-routable;
  8. Carriage of sporting equipment is subject to load.


What is Prepaid Sports Equipment Handling?
It's a new convenient way for passengers who are traveling with golf set or scuba diving equipment to enjoy a hassle free experience by not queuing up at the airport counter to make payment and allowing you to save more.

How does this work?

At the time of booking, passengers must advise if he/she wants to purchase this prepaid option so that the amount will be added to the total flight purchase price.

What are the charges on this option?

Sports Equipment Weight Excess Weight Options Domestic International
Over the Counter Online Online Savings Over the Counter Online Online Savings
20kg 20kg sports equipment MYR 40 MYR 40 - MYR 40 MYR 40 -
25kg 20kg sports equipment + 5kg excess baggage MYR 115 MYR 100 MYR 15 MYR 140 MYR 120 MYR 20
30kg 20kg sports equipment + 10kg excess baggage MYR 190 MYR 160 MYR 30 MYR 240 MYR 200 MYR 40
35kg 20kg sports equipment + 15kg excess baggage MYR 265 MYR 220 MYR 45 MYR 340 MYR 280 MYR 60

Can I get the above same rates at the airport?

Yes, you can get the same rates for sports equipment handling charge for the first 20kg. Any excess will be charge normal excess baggage rates.

What if my sporting equipment weights more than 20kg?
You will enjoy a discount of 20% from the normal excess baggage charge if you were to purchase online for the additional weight.

Is prepaid sports equipment handling fees refundable?

Yes, if the flight is cancelled due to the airline's fault, the prepaid sports equipment handling fees is refundable. However, the prepaid sports equipment handling fees is non-refundable if the passenger cancels the trip or if the flight is cancelled due to force majeure (in this case, it will apply on the rebooked flight).

Can this be transferred to another passenger? 

No, this is not transferable. Each passenger can only entitled to one piece of sports equipment and no pooling allowed.

Is there a weight limit on a single piece of sports equipment I can check-in?

The maximum weight per piece of sports equipment allowed is 32kg. If the total weight of sports equipment is more than 32kg per piece, it must be repacked into two or more pieces.