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Infants are children that are under 2 years old on the date of travel
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At Firefly we believe in being upfront with our fees so that you know how much you have to spend for your flight.

Ticket Surcharges, Fees & Taxes

Destinations One-Way Fees (per Passenger)
Admin Fee Passenger Service Charge (Airport Tax) Aviation Levy Pax Arrival Processing Fee
Domestic MYR 30 MYR 9 N/A N/A
Phuket MYR 40 MYR 65
(Depart Malaysia)
MYR 80
(Depart Phuket)
Krabi MYR 40 MYR 65
(Depart Penang)
MYR 44
(Depart Krabi)
Koh Samui MYR 40 MYR 65
(Depart Subang and
MYR 80
(Depart Koh Samui
Arrive Subang and Penang)
N/A MYR 100
(Depart and Arrive

MYR 60
(Depart and Arrive
Singapore MYR 40 MYR 65
(Depart Subang)

MYR 26
(Depart Kuantan and Ipoh)
MYR 84
(Depart Singapore Terminal 2)
MYR 19
(Depart Singapore Terminal 2)
MYR 40 MYR 65
(Depart Subang)

MYR 26
(Depart Ipoh, Melacca, Penang)
IDR 150,000*
(Depart Pekanbaru Arrive Subang and Penang)

IDR 200,000*
(Depart Medan Arrived Subang and Penang)
MYR 45*
(Depart Pekanbaru)

MYR 30*
(Depart Medan)
Batam/ Banda Aceh MYR 40 MYR 65
(Depart Subang)

MYR 26
(Depart Penang)
IDR 100,000*
(Depart Banda Aceh)

IDR 170,000*
(Depart Batam)
MYR 30*
(Depart Batam**/Banda Aceh)

Notices for Ticket Surcharges, Fees & Taxes:

  1. All the above are subject to Firefly’s General Conditions of Carriage.
  2. All Surcharges, Fees & Taxes have been included and must be paid upon booking.
  3. * Airport Tax will be included in the booking for travel date 1st Mar 2015 onwards.

Online & Over the Counter Checked Baggage Allowance

Checked-Baggage Fees
Weight Category Domestic International
On ATR-72 aircraft
-20kg Free Free Free Free
+5kg 60 175 100 250
+10kg 120 350 200 500
+15kg 180 525 300 750


  1. Checked-baggage fees cannot be refunded or transferred
  2. Checked-baggage fee cannot be re-routed
  3. Unused portions cannot be refunded as well
  4. Online rates are only available online, and are not sold at the airport counter
  5. Baggage that weighs more than checked-baggage allowance purchased will incur excess-baggage fee
  6. Each individual piece of checked baggage may not exceed 32kg
  7. Carriage of excess baggage is subject to load

All the above are subject to Firefly’s General Conditions of Carriage.

Processing & Service Fees

Fee Type Domestic International
Flight date or time change per passenger, per flight 1
Within Peninsular Malaysia 75 - - -
International 105 105 105 105
Online Prepaid Change Fee 1.1 45 55 55 55
Booking (waived if bought via 2 20 20 20 20
Mobile Booking Fee 9 9 9 9
Seat Selection per passenger, per flight
Desired seat 45 45 45 45
Preferred seat 25 25 25 25
Standard seat 15 15 15 15
Infant Fee per child, per flight 3 50 50 50 50
Excess Baggage 5
on ATR-72 aircraft 35 per kg 50 per kg 50 per kg 50 per kg
Excess Hand Baggage 5 50 per piece 100 per piece 100 per piece 100 per piece
Sports Equipment Handling 6
up to 20kg per set; excess baggage fee applies if equipment exceeds 20kg 70 70 70 70
Pre-Advised 25 35 35 SGD35
Ad-hoc 30 40 40 SGD40
Process Fee 8 15 20 20 20


  1.  Specified changes are only permitted based on Fare Rules of ticket purchased
  2. 1.1 Please refer to the Terms & Conditions and FAQ
  3. Applicable to all bookings except those made through and the Airport Ticketing Office
  4. Only one infant is allowed onboard with each adult
  5. Adult travelling with infant is advised to pre-select Preferred Seat with bassinet facility (Only for Boeing 737-400)
  6. One free hand-carry baggage of 7kg is allowed. Overweight, over-sized and extra hand baggage will be checked in as checked baggage and a fee imposed per piece
  7. Sports equipment such as golf sets and scuba diving equipment are not part of passengers’ checked baggage allowance. A sports equipment fee will apply which is not re-routable, non- refundable if not used and cannot be transferred to another passenger.
  8. If wheelchair assistance is needed, booking can only be made through the call centre or a ticketing office and is subject to Firefly’s acceptance as per our General Conditions of Carriage.
    Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance whose carriage is accepted by Firefly must be able to walk up the stairs of the aircraft
    Without prejudice to our rights in Firefly’s General Conditions of Carriage, Last Minute / Ad-hoc Special Assistance shall only be applicable:
    to passengers who have declared, when booking their tickets, that such passenger has a physical or medical condition that requires special assistance or, where such passenger, at point of check-in, is of a condition requiring special assistance; and
    upon such declaration or in the exercise of Firefly’s rights under Clause 7.3 of our General Conditions of Carriage, Firefly has agreed to accept the carriage of such passenger or such passenger is not denied boarding at the point of check-in due to his/her condition
  9. Request for Airport Tax Refund is subject to a Process Fee on a per passenger, per sector basis

All the above are subject to Firefly’s General Conditions of Carriage.


Lost Baggage
Incident Domestic International
ATR 72-500 # MYR 80
(per kg)
MYR 80
(per kg)

Notices for Compensation:

  1. All the above are subject to Firefly’s General Conditions of Carriage.