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Empty Seat Option

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Tired of passengers who encroach into your space? Get the empty seat next to you for a nominal fee with the Empty Seat Option facility via Optiontown. It’s a fast and easy way to enhance your travel experience and comfort.

How do I secure an Empty Seat?

  1. Complete your online seat booking
  2. Go to www.optiontown.com, retrieve your Firefly booking
  3. Select Empty Seat Option
  4. Apply for empty seat, with applicable fees
  5. Wait for confirmation email of successful (or unsuccessful) application
  6. The Empty Seat Option price will be refunded to you by Optiontown in 5 working days if you’re unable to secure the option. The Optiontown sign-up fee is not refundable.
  7. Terms and conditions apply.

* The Empty Seat Option is managed by Optiontown, for more info visit www.optiontown.com.

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