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Firefly Ends Big at MATTA

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Kuala Lumpur, 15 March 2009 - Firefly, started BIG and ended even BIGGER at the last day of MATTA Fair March 2009. Their booth which had a constant flow of customers throughout all 3 days finally closed its doors at the end of MATTA Fair last day.

"It is certainly a different MATTA Fair altogether for us at Firefly. Our tickets and packages was certainly a BIG hit. All in all our sales hit 80% more than the last two years. Tickets alone contributed 60% of our total sales," said Eddy Leong, Managing Director of Firefly.

He added that all of Firefly best bargains was grabbed in the first two days and the guaranteed exclusive deals with 5 start hotels was certainly the best next sought after packages.

Over and above the main attraction that really drew the crowd into Firefly's booth was the prizes worth RM250,000.00. The 3 daily draws for 2 return tickets to international destination saw Firefly customers jumping with excitement. Major excitement of course was the Wing Commanderz 2009, an ATR Simulator Challenge.

Ace pilot from day 1 Mr. Adam bin Amir and day 2, Mr. Cheng Jack Kee and day 3, Mr. Kow Kay Bin certainly stole the crowd's attention at 5:30pm today. All three was fighting to be Wing Commanderz 2009 TOP GUN to fly with Malaysia Airlines for two pax to Los Angeles.

Ace pilots Wing Commanderz 2009
Day 1

  1. Mr. Adam Arif
  2. Mr. Shaileh Nathan
  3. Mr. Lee Leong Chan

Ace pilots Wing Commanderz 2009
Day 2

  1. Mr. Cheng Jack Kee
  2. Mr. Ahmad Aiman bin Mohd Razali
  3. Mr. Lai Di Hong

Ace pilots Wing Commanderz 2009
Day 3

  1. Ahmad Aiman Mohd Razali
  2. Siew Wan Siong
  3. Julian Tan Kok Ping

TOP GUN Wing Commanderz 2009 with 2 return tickets to LA
Mr. Adam bin Amir

2nd ace pilot Wing Commanderz 2009 with 2 return tickets to Koh Samui
Mr. Kow Kay Bin

3rd ace pilot Wing Commanderz 2009 with 2 return tickets to Phuket
Mr. Cheng Jack Kee

The grand prize giving away ceremony took place at the closing of MATTA Fair at 6:30pm. Dato' Subahan Kamal, Chairman of Selangor Tourism Action Council was given the honour to give away the grand prizes, accompanied by Dato' Mohd Khalid Harun, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and witnessed by the crowd and all other participating booths. Firefly customers will be notified of the grand prize lucky draw winnings and will host a grand lucky draw session together with prize giving away ceremony two weeks later. 


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