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Pekanbaru is the capital of Riau province, Sumatra. It is the centre of the oil production in the province. Pekanbaru has direct access to the busy strait and was long known as a trading port.

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General Information

Pekanbaru is the capital of Riau, a province in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra. It has an area of 446.5 km² and population of over 793,000. Located on the Siak River, which drains to the Strait of Malacca, Pekanbaru has direct access to the busy strait and was long known as a trading port (the city name is derived from the Indonesia words of ‘new market’, “pekan” meaning market, and “baru” meaning new).

Riau Province is administratively divided into 9 Regencies (Bengkalis, Indragiri Hilir, Kampar, Kuantan Singingi, Pelalawan, Rokan Hilir, Rokan Hulu, Siak) and 2 cities (Pekanbaru, Dumai).

After oil was discovered in the region in the 1930s, Pekanbaru’s economy has depended heavily on oil revenues. During the 1980s, Pekanbaru’s population grew at a rate of 6 percent per year, about twice the national average. In 1990 the city had a population of 341,000, compared with 71,000 in 1961. By the 1990s, Pekanbaru’s cost of living, including the cost of staples such as rice, was among the highest in Indonesia.

Pekanbaru is one of the cleanest big cities in Indonesia and in 2006 received the “Adipura” award (’clean city’) in the category of large city, again, for the second consecutive time in 2007. The city is also notable for its wide streets, which are in the city’s main. Pekanbaru regularly suffers, however, from smoke or smog due to forest fires, particularly in the dry season, since there is no rain to put the fires out. The fires also can be traced from people simply burning their trash or freshly cut grass. Most of the fires are intentionally started, but unintentionally grow into dangers.

Because Pekanbaru is a major gateway into Indonesia from Singapore, the city is becoming a favorite stop before travelers go further inland Indonesia. The Pasar Pusat market is a food-trip destination and a household-goods trove as well. Pasar Bawah and Pasar Tengeh in the port area have Chinese goods, including ceramics and carpets.


Great Mosque and Marhum Bukit Tomb including Marhum Pekan Tomb. Located in the Senapelan area. It has attractive traditional architecture and is also the oldest mosque in Pekanbaru city. This mosque was built in the 18th century and is evidence of the existence of the Siak Kingdom in the city during the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil Muazzam Syah and Sultan Muhammad Ali Abdul Jalil Muazzam Syah as the fourth and fifth sultan from the Siak Sri Indrapura Kingdom.

Riau Cultural Centre - located in Jalan Diponegoro Pekanbaru. Built and decorated with a variety of colours and motif carvings which is unique to the Malays. Cultural centre was built for a variety of activities that are associated to the traditional culture of the Malays in Riau. It is a two storey building. In the top floor it clearly exhibits the traditions and history of Gurindam Dua Belas written by Raja Ali Haji. On the right and left of the main entrance we are able to read the chapters 1-4 whereas chapters 5-12 is placed on the inner wall of the main hall.

Danau Buatan Lembah Sari Recreational Park - located in the constituency of Rumbai, Pekanbaru. Limbungan is a man-made lake used for irrigation and is located 10 km from Pekanbaru. It offers natural view of beauty, breezy, tranquility and hills covered with plants and trees. It can be developed into a visitor attraction that allows activities like swimming, fishing, water cycling and others.

Alam Mayang recreational park - located in Jalan H. Imam Munandar, approximately 8 km from the main city centre of Pekanbaru in the constituency of Bukit Raya, Kelurahan Tangkerang Timur, Bukit Raya district, Pekanbaru. There are three pond with an area of 18.560 meters and provides all kinds of fishes like groups and others ready for visitors to bring home for their family. It is even better if one fishes with their family as there are small canteens available. Alam Mayang is open everyday and there are also fishing contest available occasionally.

Sang Nila Utama Museum- situated in Jalan Jendral Sudirman Pekanbaru and this museum building already inaugurated since 1994 keeps + 4.000 collection varieties of various artistic, culture and historical artifacts.

An-Nur Great Mosque is the mosque as the pride of Riau community, with its unique and interesting constraction equipped with large and high tower symbolizing Allah SWT-greatness, situated in downtown of Pekanbaru city, having complete facilities as Islamic Centre as well as equipped with a pond and beautiful and large park.

Puteri Kaca Mayang Park located in Jalan Jendral Sudirman right in front of the mayor of Pekanbaru office. Puteri Kaca Mayang Park is a family recreation place right in the heart of Pekanbaru. It is easy to get public transport. For children this is especially fun for them with its entertainment facilities like swimming pool, comedy, bombom car and many other fun and games that will entertain and excite. During holidays, this park is visited by not only those from Pekanbaru but also other areas as well.

Alam Mayang Fishing Garden
About 8 km from downtown and located in H. Imam Munandar street which previously known as Harapan Jaya street, there is a Natural Garden Fishing called Alam Mayang. It is a recreation and pleasure place often visited by, especially those whose fishing as a hobby, because in this place, there are many types of fishes in some ponds. Relax with the family while fishing under the trees and in natural atmosphere is really pleasant experience.

Museum and Cultural Garden of Riau
The museum known as Sang Nila Utama is a building which has traditional architecture of Malay, located on General Sudirman street of Pekanbaru, not far from Simpang Tiga Airport. The museum is opened every day, except Monday and holidays. This museum keeps many artistic objects collection, history and culture area of Riau in general.

Lake Limbungan
Barrage water which was initially established for irrigating purposes, encircled by hills with beautiful natural sceneries, has its own characteristics for a tourist resort. Because of this potency, later, the place was developed as a tourist resort provided with many facilities and equipments for recreation such as kinds of water bicycles, boats, restaurants, amusements, recreation parks, cottages ect. This recreation area is about 10 km from downtown of Pekanbaru and can reach by public transportations. Not far from here, there is also a location for motocross racing arena.


Dekranasda Riau - located at Jalan Sisingamangaraja, is a one-stop Riau souvenir centre. It has all types of accessories like Malay clothings, batik Riau, garments and textiles, woodcraft and others. Besides that there is also Dekranasda Pekanbaru City located at Jalan Durian.

Pasar Bawah (Bawah Market) - located to the north of Pekanbaru, is a shopping centre selling antiques, home accessories and decorations both local and overseas like ceramics, carpets, antique lights and electronic products. This market provides good quality products.

Senapelan Plaza is one of the shopping centres that are patronized by many. It is located in the business district between Jalan Jendral Sudirman and Jalan Teuku Umar. It provides household needs, food, handphones, sports equipment and accessories, and wide selection of restaurants and food stall.

Citra Plaza- located at the junction of Jalan Tuanku Tambusai and Pepaya offers exclusive products. Modern exclusive clothing, Muslim clothing, wide choices of batik, cosmetics, accessories for male and female, sports and cinema are on offer. Come on down and take a look!

Sukaramai Plaza, with its strategic location in the city centre of Jalan Jendral Sudirman Pekanbaru makes it a popular shopping centre among people from all areas in Pekanbaru and Riau. It has all kinds of products that cater to all needs and gifts for your loved ones.

Pekanbaru Mall situated across Plaza Senapelan near Jalan Jendral Sudirman and Jalan Teuku Umar, is a modern shopping complex that is complete. It not only offers clothing, shoes, daily needs but also provides for people from all walks of life. There is a food court, electronic products, handphones and office equipment to add to Pekanbaru Mall choices.

SKA Mall is one of the modern shopping malls in the city of Pekanbaru that provides shops for home appliances and needs, food, office stationeries, sports, modern clothing and cosmetics and also restaurants to suit all tastes.

Ciputra Seraya Mall. It is situated in Jalan Riau, the north side of Pekanbaru city, as one of the shopping centres and the most complete entertainment centre, various family necessities, games and sports both of children and adults as well as entertainment centres such as cinemas, billards and variuos types of foods and clothes.

Food & Beverages

Bandar Serai (Bandar Seni Raja Ali Haji) - located in Jalan Jendral Sudirman Pekanbaru, is not far from Sultan Syarif Kasim II (SSK II) airport. It was built to commemorate MTQ Nasional XVII in the year 1994. In this arena we can find a relax atmosphere while enjoying the wide variety of food and delicacies. The food ranges from light food like barbeque corn to food that fill up your stomach with content. There are also concerts and cultural shows held here for you to enjoy either in the open area of MTQ or in the hall. In addition there are classic and traditional centres that represent all areas and city in the Riau Province.

Durian Cottage - is situated along Jalan Jendral Sudirman atas, the downtown of Pekanbaru city, for you who love this so delicious and very tempting yellow fruit you can obtain anytime without having to wait the arrival of durian season. Usually to eat durian the seller also presents ketan (lemang). It is better to choose durian by yourself, and don’t forget to haggle so you would be satisfied.

Baked Corn Centre. There are two sites in Pekanbaru, the first one is along Siak River to be exact under Siak 1 Bridge, and the second one is at Labuai Park. This site provides delicious baked corn and you can eat it while enjoy the night scene. Indeed this place is always visited by many people at night, especially during holiday night its always crowded by visitors coming with their families as well as the teenagers with their friends.


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