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As part of our continuous improvement initiative, you may now contact Firefly’s Call Centre from Singapore via +65-31588279. Kindly update the number in your contact information and we look forward to having the opportunities to serve you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a directive issued by the Thailand Airport Authority, Koh Samui International Airport has increased its Airport Tax from THB600 to THB700. The directive is for all passengers travelling on and after 1 Jun 2015 to Koh Samui.

In order to avoid inconvenience at the airport check-in counters, passengers have been asked to update their differential payment via Manage Booking or by calling 03-78454543.

Thank you.

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Firefly Holiday officially launched it's new travel portal today! Offering convenience from the time of booking to the point of arrival of your destination. Visit for more info.


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Infants are children that are under 2 years old on the date of travel
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Clause 10

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Conduct Aboard Aircraft

10.1 Unacceptable Conduct: If, in our reasonable opinion, you conduct yourself on board the aircraft in a manner which could endanger the aircraft or any person or property on board, or obstruct or hinder the crew in the performance of their duties, or fail to comply with any instruction of the crew including but not limited to those with respect to smoking, alcohol, use of cellular telephones or other prohibited electronic equipment, or use any threatening, abusive or insulting words towards the crew or behave in a manner which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other passengers or the crew, we may take measures as we deem necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct including restraint. You may be offloaded and refused onward carriage at any point and may be prosecuted for offences committed on board the aircraft.

10.2 General Indemnity: If, as a result of your conduct we decide, in exercise of our reasonable discretion, to divert the aircraft for the purpose of offloading you, then you shall be liable for all costs which we may incur, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from or arising out of the diversion.

10.3 Use of Electronic Equipment: For safety reasons, we may forbid or limit operation on board the aircraft of electronic equipment, including but not limited to, E-cigarettes, cellular telephones, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, CD players, electronic games or transmitting devices, including radio-controlled toys, walkie-talkies or other wireless telecommunications equipment. Operation of hearing aids and heart pacemakers is permitted. Use of E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers or any other electronic simulated smoking materials and products on board our aircraft is strictly prohibited at all times.

10.4 No Outside Food: Passengers are not allowed to consume their own food on board.

10.5 No Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited on all our flights.

Version 1.8 (16 January 2015)