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Pegalaman pertama saya yang sukar dilupakan semasa menguna perkhidmatan Firefly ialah semasa penerbangan dari JB ke KL dengan pesawat baru Firefly yang lebih selesa dan selamat, dengan layanan mesra cabin crew. Pesawat ATR ini lebih selesa dari Fokker 50 & B737.

» From Shahruddin Sani (, 30 Dec 2008

I am a very frequent passenger who travels between Kuala Terengganu and Subang almost once every week. What can you expect more from them? Cheap air fares, superb services and free refreshments!! I really appreciate Firefly and I would definitely choose Firefly to travel domestically. Once again well done Firefly!

» From Ken Fong (, 19 Dec 2008

I used to travel with Firefly and I can see a vast improvements over the past few years. I boarded the ATR72-500 last week and it is one of the best flight I’ve ever had. The aircraft has a much comfortable seats and more space, and it feels like taking an Airbus or Boeing. Together with the latest complimentary in flight services, it’s all worth it! Keep it up!

» From Tan Li Zhi (, 14th Oct 08

I would just like to thank Firefly team for making my trip back to KL from Langkawi recently a pleasant one. It was my first time taking Firefly and did not expect much but I got more than a welcome onboard. I applaud the stewardess for their genuine smiles and helpfulness as well as their friendliness. Firefly have kept a standard which I hope would continue for other airlines to follow. I wish Firefly would grow and continously improve facilities in the future especially in transportation from airport to city/town centre.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

» From Denise (, 5th April 08

Dear Firefly staff,

Me, myself Hani would like to say thank you for an excellent and memorable trip to Koh Samui by Firefly. It is such a great journey and the cabin staff are SUPERB FRIENDLY!!!! That’s really great!! It is really a warm welcome from Firefly .

I’m planning to go again to Koh Samui but this time will be with my family and friends.. and we will for sure will fly with Firefly!!!!!

Thank You so much for the great memories..

» From Hani Safura Binti Mohd Noorik, 1 Apr 2008

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to you and all the staff of Firefly. I would say that this feedback has come in rather late. However, it is still worth mentioning because it was simply a fantastic experience for me.

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» From Nicole Pua, 5 Mar 2007.

Appreciation for a Great Service

First and foremost, allow me to wish Happy New Year 2008 to all FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd Management and Personnel.

On the 28th December 2007, I flew with Firefly for the first time on board flight FY3206 from Subang to Johor Bahru. I would like to highlight the high level of professionalism shown by the operating crew consisting of the Captain, Second Officer and two Flight Attendants despite the flight having a very light load of only 8 passengers on board. The service was excellent, fast and friendly and in line with the concept of Firefly in bringing the fun back into flying.

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» From Azuan Ahmad Zahdi, 1 Jan 2007.

I have been told by my colleague that the Fokker is safer than a Jet. Actually at first I don’t believe and even go online and hope to find some info that will convince me. Fokker left a good reputation after searching the website on it. Anyway, I think I have to try by myself before introduce to all my beloved friends.

My first experience with the Fokker was with Firefly, what a fantastic experience and I was impressed! A small, tiny aircraft could actually bring the fun back into flying. To be honest, I will be dizzy every time flying with a Jet, and maybe because of the pressure where Jet used to fly at the altitude of between 30,000 - 40,000 ft. On the other hand, Fokker flies just above 14,000 ft. Thus, you might have the opportunity to see the beautiful view of the land from the sky - wonderful.

Furthermore, while landing and takeoff, it’s very smooth as I did not notice that it’s already in the sky. With Jet landing, it might be need the assistant from a skillful tech crew but the Fokker will actually land very smoothly. If i would like to compare the aircraft with a human being, then i would say Jet is a man and the Fokker is a beautiful lady in the sky.

Anyhow, thanks to Firefly for bringing such a bright idea, great aircraft into the community. Last but not least, i just realised that the Fokkers have already served the internal routes in Sabah and Sarawak, and they actually more familiar than people in Peninsular Malaysia.

» Joanne Yew (, 10 Oct 2007

Welcome to Terengganu Firefly! I flew with Firefly last week from Terengganu to Kuantan. So exciting, even for a short distance, but I felt safe and relaxed. From 3 hours by car now only 30 minutes with Firefly. I save 2 and half hour and I make profit on my batik business. Please add more routes coz i want to expand my business and to introducing Batik Terengganu on air.

» Itakuchinno (, 9 Oct 2007.

Small aircraft but very comfortable. I had my 1st time flying to Phuket with Firefly. Thanks to Firefly make my dream come true took me to my destination, it’s safe and comfortable. If I have chance, I still will take Firefly go to Phuket again rather than take bus. Beautiful beach, nice country. Price is reasonable and not expensive.

» Wai Kong Chong (, 5 Oct 2007.

It is really worth it. Since I traveled by Firefly, I think its better for me to go back to Kota Bharu via air route since its not too expensive as I expected before especially I got ur promotion price at ur Penang Sales Office Opening Day. I only have to pay RM42 rather than if I take a bus, it will cost me RM30 but it is only 10 ringgit difference laaa bro. Since I can reduce my travel time from 8 hours by bus to 1 hour only if I travel by flight. Within that 7 hours difference I can do a lot of things that it’s worth more than 10 ringgit. Believe me! I also bought Firefly merchandise on board luggage tag as souvenir for my friends and they like it very much cos it look so cool!

» From, 17 Aug 2007.

Woww!! What an amazing thing when I was using ur Fokker 50 to travel last week since I heard that traveling by bus will cause me a lot of problems. So, I decided to travel by flight because it’s save me a lot!!! Then, it is a direct to my destination (Kuantan), this is another thing that I luv to tell the others that travel by flight is not too complicated as we expected before rather than travel by bus because sometimes BUS couldn’t do a direct travel for me, they have to transit to KL laa, S.Alam laa, Seremban laa or Kota Bharu. I am so tired of this. Save Money and Time!!!! But it is only if I can grab ur ticket promotion especially if it is free. Waaa, is that mean that I ve to aware time to time to ensure that my travel will save a lot of money if I still wanna use ur Fokker 50.

» From, 10 Aug 2007.

My first thought of flying with Fokker was a bit skeptic. I heard few stories from those flew with this kind of airplane that from take off until landed, it could be nightmare. Turbulence, cloud impact and imbalance, almost everything that made me refuse to go through it. But surprisingly, after I gave it a try, I was totally stunned by how smooth the ride was and I never have a doubt that your crew are among the best. Kudos to the pilot the most!

» From, 03 Aug 2007